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Sleek Digitizing

Custom Patches for Jackets

Are you looking for custom patches for jackets? Get sleek digitizing services for high quality, unique and best custom patches for jackets. As a gift, the sleek digitizing is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Custom patches for jackets are made from high-quality pieces that can be used for a long time and are a great way to appeal to your own style and personality. Our expert team provides a design service that allows you to order customized patches for jackets without stress. From inquiry to delivery, we handle everything to create 100% customized badges for all businesses, organizations and events.

Large Custom Back Patches for Jackets

Sleek Digitizing is a leading large custom back patch manufacturer for jackets in the US, providing excellent customer service and valuable services backed by customer-centric policies. Our expertise in supplying the creation of first-class quality yarn makes us the best choice for customers who share their dream designs with us. We have been replicating digital manuscripts into stitched works for more many years and will gladly do it for you. Whether you need a custom back patch for jackets, jeans, vests, metals, veterans, motorcycles or other fabrics – you can confidently dive into our website, and here, professionals will make sure to meet your dream design.

How to Get Custom Patches for Jackets from Sleek Digitizing

Free Quote

Please select the type of patch that best suits your needs and submit a free quote. We will respond within 24 hours or business hours.

Chat with team

Discuss patch design and verification choices with your distributor to review digital evidence of patches before manufacturing.

Place Order

Once the proof has been proven and payment has been completed, the creation of the patch will resume immediately.

Patch Backing Options

Nex patch Iron patch

Iron bonding, Backing, Embroidery, Print, Leather, Fabric

Nex Patch Sewn Patch

Sew, Backing, Embroidery, Print, PVC, Leather, Fabric, Schneel weave

Sticky patch

Adhesive, Backing, Embroidery, Print, PVC, Leather, Fabric

Nexus Patches, Velcro patch

Velcro, Compatible Backing, Embroidery, Print, PVC, Leather, Fabric, Schneel weave

Quick Facts About Our Patches

Delivery Time

Standard: 10-12 business days. Expedited: 3 working days (extra charge).

Minimum Order Quantity

None. Single badge orders are accepted. Bulk orders are welcomed.

Wholesale Price

Resellers get a 30% discount. Starting at $1.20 per 100 patches.

Free Services

Design settings, art modification, and shipping for orders over $200.

Patch Summary

Bulk discounts, no minimum order, and more than 200 patches.

Average Delivery Date

Fifteen business days from order to delivery.

Types of Custom Patches for Jackets

There are many different types of custom patches, and those who don’t know how to use them may be overwhelmed. Sleek digitizing in creating high-quality custom patches for jackets of all types.

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are one of the oldest types of order patches. A patch embroidered with hundreds of yarn colours to match your brand. Due to the unique texture, a specific pattern jumps away from the patch of real depth. Embroidery patches are also easy to create, so they will fit your schedule.

PVC Patches

Polyvinyl chloride patches are one of the important types of ordered patches. Patches made of polyvinyl chloride are a more modern alternative to embroidered patches. They consist of durable plastic that lasts for a long time. It comes in a range of colours and gives a glance and feeling to your personalized design that embroidery can not be comparable to. PVC is the material

Printed Patches

The production procedure of the print patch is more complicated, but it can be used for any design. For print patches, the pattern is printed directly using sublimation staining, based on the twill in the blank. Printed patches hold a large position in the order of the critical type of patch. As a result, the colour will merge seamlessly into the foundation, giving an illusion of a horizontal surface.

Woven Patches

Both are similar to embroidery patches because they add detail using thread, but the weave patch uses thinner thread. Custom patches do not increase the texture at the edges because they do not have the basis for twill weaving. The bonding patch provides many of the same benefits as the embroidery patch

How to design a custom patch on a jacket

I recommend you show off your own personality this season. By attaching a unique badge to your jacket, the dry jacket can be transformed into a fun, easy-to-use, true artwork. How do I attach a custom badge to my jacket?

Pair Patches with Neutrals​

The jacket’s emblem stands out against a neutral background. With Tan, Black, Brown or Army Green in the background, your favourite custom patch will claim and start talking.

Denim Patches on Denim

The trendy trend is denim on the denim look. When you attach a badge to the denim jacket, the colour and texture necessary for the look of the co-fabric will be added. If you want to add glamour to a black denim or traditional.


In conclusion, custom leather patches for jackets are an important way to personalize your outfit in a variety of situations, from bowling leagues to shows. Worldly digitization makes it easy to create patches that match style and preferences and meet customer needs from embroidery to PVC embroidery, and our commitment to high-quality artistry, fast delivery, and excellent customer service ensures a smooth experience from design to delivery. Turn your jacket into your own masterpiece with a Sleek Digitizing right now.

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