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Sleek Digitizing

Unique Custom Patches for Hats​

Sleek Digitizing creates custom patches for hats you’re guaranteed to love. Check out our custom patches for hats for the very best in unique and handmade pieces. Our custom hat patches are the best solution for your promotional headwear needs and are made from durable materials such as rubber, leather and fabric. From classic style to dynamic design, patches are expressive items that help promote your headwear needs. All of our patches are sewn into hats one by one here in the US, creating premium products that will last forever. Other companies use a press machine to glue the patch, but in this case, the hat will have unnecessary folds, and the durability will remain unknown.

Custom Patches for Hats

High-quality Custom Patch Maker for Hats

If you’re looking for a patch manufacturer dedicated to providing high-quality service and faultless products, you don’t have to look any further. We take pride in our work by creating high-quality work for companies, organizations, and all purposes. We understand that our customers’ time and money are valuable without forgetting that they are customers. That’s why we try to work thoughtfully and efficiently in each process to provide our customers with an impeccable experience.

Embroidered Hat Patches

The embroidery medium of the hat is a design that combines the advantages of a unique embroidery shape and a casual feel. This traditional option is a decorative method that is repeatedly used for durability, and custom embroidery can customize everything form to colour to the whole form. Directly embroidery Offers the choice to add more detail, they can represent your company.

Direct Embroidery on Hats

Use embroidery to customize your hat with vivid badges and logos! You can choose from vivid colour variations. If you want more glamour, choose embroidery with a sense of solidity that you don’t have anywhere else. With this unique technique, you’re sure to stand out! Friends and family will be able to find you on the field soon! We can help you choose the best colour and layout to bring your logo to life in your order promotion hat and make your horizons real.

Embroidery Styles for Hats

Embroidery with a badge is an old tradition, combining the lining material with artistically stitched threads to form a predetermined pattern of your choice. These patches display your design in alarge number of colours and shapes and can be applied by the choice of various adhesion forces. From classic mounting styles like sewing patches directly to the fabric to modern solutions like hook & loop, iron glue and thermally active glue, your patches are safe and sure.

Custom Leather Hat Patches

The quality of trendy leather, unique designs, and hats of your favourite brand meet to create the best custom leather patch hat. All leather patch hats are sewn one by one here to create premium products that can be used forever. Other manufacturers use press machines to adhere patches, which can cause wrinkles on the hat and durability problems.

Etched Leather Patches for Hats

With the experience of many years in patch production, our team can help you bring your vision to life with fun and ease! With almost many colours, an infinite combination and the ability to laser engrave images of all types of leather. We have everything that you need for the design of high-quality, noticeable custom patch hats.

Custom Screen Print Patch for Hats

Let go of the endless possibilities to highlight your logo with screen printing! We can create beautiful and vivid visuals of any colour, including bright red, blue, and neutral shades. From plain squares to complex designs, the shape is infinite. When it comes to the perfect patch customization, there is no wrong answer!

Custom Clip Labels for Hats

Take your hat to the next level with a double-sided leather clip label. Laser etching and embossing on both sides of the clip ensure maximum visibility. Choose from a variety of colours that can be beautifully coordinated with headwear, from genuine leather to faux leather options.

Hats with patches designed in days

Looking for a hat with a patch? We offer thousands of hats that can be decorated and customized with your logo. The design begins with ideas. From that idea, our professional staff will shape your design so that all parts are beautifully reflected in the hat. We provide tips and insights on the best ways to shape your design and keep your ideas at the forefront of the entire production process. By doing so, the finished hat becomes more than you imagined. When designing a patch for your order for a hat, certain forms are better. Rectangular patches work well at the front part of the hat.

The Difference in Patch Types and Styles for Hats


Speaking of popularity, weaving patches are most requested! You can capture almost any detail or small text, resulting in a clean, crisp and vivid logo. Weaving patches use intricately woven material and can capture more of the fine details of a personalized logo. Weaving patches are the best choice if your logo has fine details for a hat.


The embroidery patch is the closest to the "normal" embroidery hat and is the most common type of custom patch. Embroidery texture is added to make the logo stand out even more. The letters are embroidered on the embroidery to give a 2D effect, and in embroidery, you can use a twill or completely embroidered background.


Sublimated patch hats are a choice for you with complex, small details and gradient colours in your logo. An important thought of sublimated patches is the slope - this is the only patch that can duplicate the slope. The sublimated patch is also a way to go if you have a lot of details of your logo that you really want to be crisp. Non-glossy colours such as black do not appear as rich or active as the choice of other patches, so without more neutral colours and slopes, we recommend knitted patches.


The custom leather patch is suitable for a more basic and simple logo, but it can also achieve smaller details. There are two types of leather patches: genuine leather and faux leather. From there, there are various basic colours to choose from. These leather patches are a little different because you will etch your logo on the leather material and stick it to the cap. That said, for this type of leather patch to work for you, your logo must be able to be converted to a monochromatic version.


Our high-quality PVC patch gives your hat a very bold and technical impression. This method of decoration adds an amazing dimension to any design. It has a kind of rubber appearance. It is ideal for multiple-coloured logos with moderate levels of detail. Logos can be created in 2D or 3D.

Why choose us?

Sleek Digitizing offers the best technique for creating custom-made patch hats. Our commitment to quality ensures that each piece is carefully made to reflect your unique style. Unlike other manufacturers, all patches are manually sewn to guarantee a premium product that will last longer. With the many years of experience we have, our team delivers your vision with accuracy and sense. Complex embroidery, brilliant sublimation patches and stylish leather options give the perfect result every time. If you want a high-quality and customized hat patch that exceeds your expectations, trust us.

Custom Patches for Hats
PVC Patches
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